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"Voice123 should be rated as the most functional and useful sites on the ENTIRE internet. No joke. I was able to submit a script, get back 8 auditions and select the voice over talent in less than 2 hours. I will NEVER use anyone else but Voice123."
Robert Walker

This is such a terrific service!! I have passed your information along to all the producers in our office. This is the best way I have encountered to do a voice audition. Thanks for a great service!  Karen McMillen*

I am really impressed by your service- very professional, helpful and it really targets the needs of people looking to hire voice talent. The ease with which I posted my project, received and reviewed auditions and hired a voice professional was exceptional. The person whom I have hired is superb - very professional and efficient. It was a pleasure to use Voice123 and I will certainly recommend it to all that I know. Thanks very much. Michelle Davis*

As a voice artist, my subscription fee is recouped with just one job.  That totally makes it worth it.   I get most of my voice-over jobs from Voice123, I've made my money back 100 times over.   Very satisfied

Kim Somers